Hey, I’m Chris!

The creator of Essentials and the founder of Grooow . Over the years I’ve developed a huge passion for UI, UX and Digital Marketing.

Grooow is all about combining those three and teaching others how to get more out of their online venture.

Kamile, KamileKave.com

“Chris’s website building skills are incredible! His products are definitely a worthwhile investment for my new business.”

Mark, SmartOnlineDesign.com

I have nothing but love and praise for Chris. He is one of the few who can actually take WordPress and marketing to the next level.

What Grooow is about


Learn how to build beautiful WordPress websites, landing and sales pages from scratch.


Learn how to setup live chat, SSL, digital product distribution, website structure and email setup.


Master email list building, selling and creating digital products and growth hacking.

Ready to accelerate your website?